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Arts and crafts market from our members…

31. march – 17. april 2017
Am Hof, Vienna

Date of the Jury

Market Newspaper

Our ART ADVENT Market Newspaper introduces you to individual craftsmen and women and informs you about the daily supporting programme at Vienna’s Art Space Karlsplatz. The next market newspaper will be sent to you at the beginning of November 2017.



We are pleased that you are considering participating in our Art Advent

The arts and crafts market called Art Advent is organised by divina art and takes place annually in the advent period in the Art Space at Karlsplatz.

Conditions for Participating in Art Advent
You are welcome to sell products you have made yourself, but not allowed to sell products made by anyone else! If you provide incorrect information to the Jury, you must leave the Market immediately. You must also submit a Tax Identification Number or Business License.

How to Apply
• Complete and sign the Application Form and send it together with the required documents to divina art, Millergasse 37/1, 1060 Wien, Austria
• Enclose a copy of your Tax Identification Number or Business License (or equivalent document proving that you are registered as an artisan in your country).
• Enclose three photos (prints or files on a CD).

Even if you send your Application via email, we still need your photos in print form or as files on a CD.

Jury date:
20th April 2017

Jury Session General Info
• About one month before the Jury Session, you will receive an email with the exact place and time of the Jury Session.
• Be sure to attend the Jury Session! Eligibility depends on positive assessment by the Jury members.
• Bring some of your products to the Jury Session—product photos alone will not be accepted—and come up with a pleasing presentation. Remember to show the Jury samples of each product line you want to sell.

Applications must be postmarked no later than March 31, 2017.
Applications sent at a later date will be considered as Applications for 2018.

If you live very far from Vienna, you may ship your entries for the Jury Session by mail to divina art, Millergasse 37/1, 1060 Wien, Austria, making sure to notify the Jury beforehand by email to jury@divinaart.at.

Confirmation of Art Advent and divina art Membership
• After the Jury Session, you will be notified by mail, whether or not the Jury has accepted you.
• Acceptance for Art Advent does not automatically include divina art membership. You may not apply for membership until you have participated in at least two Art Advents.
• Please note that every year you wish to participate in Art Advent, you will need to apply for acceptance through divina art at the beginning of the same year!

We will be glad to answer any questions you may have about the Application procedure. Please contact jury@divinaart.at

divina art is an association promoting Arts & Crafts in Austria. Legal notice