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Folder Art Advent 2017

Arts and crafts market from our members…

Art and crafts market Seeham
9.- 10. September 2017
5164 Seeham

Art and crafts market Grein
16.- 17. September 2017
4360 Grein

Art and crafts market Stainz
23.- 24. September 2017
8510 Stainz

Ideenwelt Messe Wien
26.- 29. Oktober 2017
1020 Wien

Market Newspaper

Our ART ADVENT Market Newspaper introduces you to individual craftsmen and women and informs you about the daily supporting programme at Vienna’s Art Space Karlsplatz. The next market newspaper will be sent to you at the beginning of November 2017.



The Story of divina art
In the late 1970s, a young, dedicated alternative community of artists and artisans developed in the newly revitalized Spittelberg quarter in Vienna. The protagonists started public activities in order to enliven the neighborhood while trying to live autonomously and independently of societal constraints by selling their products directly. They founded the Verein Spittelberg, an association that organized regular open-air exhibitions. As the annual Christmas market became increasingly popular, the work of Verein Spittelberg was finally recognized and became a model for many initiatives within the alternative art and culture scene.

One essential aspect of the association’s work was to enable artists to communicate directly with customers and like-minded people, and to market the products they had designed and made at the association’s events.

click to enlargeAfter many successful years, however, the municipality of Vienna decided not to renew its permit for the event. Instead, a permit to hold a Christmas market was issued in 1994 to Pius Strobl, a politically influential entrepreneur in the catering industry. Since many artists and artisans felt that with Mr. Strobl as organizer, they could not work autonomously and maintain a high quality level, some dedicated association members began to look for suitable new public locations in Vienna. The District Council of Wieden, Vienna’s 4th District, and notably the then District Prefect, Dr. Lengheimer, turned out to be very cooperative and supported our application for a permit for the current location in front of the Karlskirche church. The permit was issued and in December 1994, the first event took place at the new location

A constituent meeting of friends and members of Verein Spittelberg founded a new association: divina art. Since then, divina art has organized periodic events in front of the Karlskirche.

Meanwhile our open-air exhibition has become one of the most popular events during the Advent season in Vienna and attracts large crowds from Vienna, Austria, and abroad.

divina art is an association promoting Arts & Crafts in Austria. Legal notice