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Arts and crafts market from our members…

Art and crafts market Podersdorf
20.- 23. July 2017
7141 Podersdorf

Art and crafts market Weissensee
28.- 29. July 2017
9762 Weissensee

Art and crafts market Gmünd
5.- 6. August 2017
9853 Gmünd/Ktn

Art and crafts market Mondsee
7.- 9. August 2017
5310 Mondsee

Art and crafts market Ossiach
11.- 15. August 2017
9570 Ossiach

Art and crafts market Graz
18.- 20. August 2017
8010 Graz

Art and crafts market Gmunden
25.- 27. August 2017
4810 Gmunden

Art and crafts market Bad Ischl
25.- 27. August 2017
4820 Bad Ischl

Market Newspaper

Our ART ADVENT Market Newspaper introduces you to individual craftsmen and women and informs you about the daily supporting programme at Vienna’s Art Space Karlsplatz. The next market newspaper will be sent to you at the beginning of November 2017.


Social Projects

divina art supports selected environmental and social projects.

Rett Syndrome SocietyRett Syndrome Society
Rett Syndrome (RS) is a neurological disorder caused by a spontaneously occurring, non-congenital genetic defect, which up to now has been observed almost exclusively in girls. Rett Syndrome was discovered in the 1960s by the late Viennese neuropediatrician Dr. Andreas Rett as he observed two girls in his waiting room making identical repetitive hand-washing motions. The year 1999 saw a breakthrough in RS research as a protein called MeCP2 was identified as a major factor in the development of RS. Rett Syndrome occurs in one of fifteen-thousand girls. This is equivalent to three to five girls per year in the whole of Austria. The Austrian Rett Syndrome Society was founded on the initiative of Dr. Andreas Rett.
This project is supported by divina art.

For details visit www.rett-syndrom.at, www.rettsyndrome.org (International Rett Syndrome Foundation), www.rettuk.org (UK Rett Syndrome Association)

Global 2000GLOBAL 2000
GLOBAL 2000’s contribution to our Christmas Market this year is a lecture entitled „Unser Saatgut in Gefahr? – Freiheit für die Vielfalt“ („Are our seeds in danger? – Freedom for diversity“) given in German by Iga Niznik from Arche Noah („Noah’s Ark“, a Lower Austrian association for the preservation of traditional fruit and vegetable species) and Heidemarie Porstner from GLOBAL 2000 (an Austrian environmental NGO).
Like last year, GLOBAL 2000 will wrap your Christmas presents with loving care. Your donation for your professional wrapping(s) will go to GLOBAL 2000 and the Kind-Familie-Umwelt („child-family-environment“) association.


Verein Kind-Familie-UmweltVerein Kind-Familie-Umwelt
The Kind-Familie-Umwelt (“child-family-environment”) association helps mentally and physically distressed children and youths by providing funds for psychotherapy as well as psychological treatment and counseling. This is done unbureaucratically and very quickly if help is needed urgently.
At the artisans’ market, you can find out more about the many activities of this association and how to donate. One way is to go to the divina art gift wrapping stand and have your presents nicely wrapped for a donation. The entire proceeds will go directly and without any deduction into therapy sessions for children.

For more information, visit www.kind-familie-umwelt.at

Ö1 für Licht ins DunkelÖ1 für Licht ins Dunkel
This year, Austrian “Culture Radio” Österreich 1 brings another dedicated programme to our stage and runs a punch booth. On two days, a high-class cultural show including musical highlights from many different genres will be presented. The revenue from punch sales has been earmarked for a charitable project as part of ORF’s annual “Licht ins Dunkel” (“Light in the Dark”) appeal.


divina artArtisans for Artisans
Most artisans are one-person companies or self-employed depending solely on their own work for a living. Being sick or having to take care of others for prolonged periods of time may ruin their existence.

divina art supports members in need.

divina art is an association promoting Arts & Crafts in Austria. Legal notice