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Arts and crafts market from our members…

Art and crafts market St. Pölten
4.- 6. Mai 2017
3100 St. Pölten

Garden market Burg Perchtoldsdorf
5.- 7. Mai 2017
2380 Perchtoldsdorf

Arts and crafts market Graz
11.- 13. Mai 2017
8011 Graz

Arts and crafts market Klagenfurt
18. – 20. Mai 2017
9019 Klagenfurt

Arts and crafts market Linz
20.- 21. Mai 2017
4041 Linz

Market Newspaper

Our ART ADVENT Market Newspaper introduces you to individual craftsmen and women and informs you about the daily supporting programme at Vienna’s Art Space Karlsplatz. The next market newspaper will be sent to you at the beginning of November 2017.


Star Workshop

The Star WorkshopThe Star Workshop invites children to make things from natural materials, dip candles, or print T-shirts. Experienced instructors assist the kids in letting their imagination run wild.
3 – 7 p.m. daily

The Star WorkshopMornings from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. MON through FRI reserved for groups exclusively. Reservations required, groups must be accompanied by at least two adults!
For information and reservations contact
Martina Höss
Tel. +43-(0)6991-095-7225

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