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Folder Art Advent 2017

Arts and crafts market from our members…

Art and crafts market Seeham
9.- 10. September 2017
5164 Seeham

Art and crafts market Grein
16.- 17. September 2017
4360 Grein

Art and crafts market Stainz
23.- 24. September 2017
8510 Stainz

Ideenwelt Messe Wien
26.- 29. Oktober 2017
1020 Wien

Market Newspaper

Our ART ADVENT Market Newspaper introduces you to individual craftsmen and women and informs you about the daily supporting programme at Vienna’s Art Space Karlsplatz. The next market newspaper will be sent to you at the beginning of November 2017.


Social Projects

divina art supports selected social projects

Vienna Cancer AidVienna Cancer Aid Social Project
Vienna Cancer Aid invites you to the fundraising event for their project „Mummy/Daddy has cancer“ at the Christmas Market at Karlsplatz.
On Saturday 26th November at 14:00 the presenter and promoter Sharon-Talissa Vielgrader will guide you through the afternoon. She will be supported on stage by the musicians Elly V, Moni Rose and René Kraga. The aim naturally is to get financial support for the project.

Look forward to a lively fundraising musical afternoon with Vienna Cancer Aid.

Global 2000Global 2000
„30 years of Tschernobyl – one thing is certain – the risk“

30 years have passed since the nuclear catastrophe at Tschernobyl and the consequences continue to the present day. Despite this the nuclear power lobby continues to plan and build new nuclear power stations.The effects are clearly measurable today. But what happened back then? How was it all possible? The exhibition „30 Years of Tschernobyl“ shows the events using an impressive series of photos and informative reading material. In addition GLOBAL 2000’s social project Tschernobyl’s Children which helps the youngest victims of Tschernobyl, will present its impressions. This workshop presents interactive elements on the subject of radioactivity and background information on the nuclear catastrophe in Tschernobyl, as well as showing its impact and connection to the Tschernobyl Project.
When: every morning, by appointment
Target group: school classes with pupils aged between 13 and 18 year.

On the theme „Fit for Nature“ and in addition to the exhibition „30 years of Tschernobyl“ there will be numerous theme workshops for children and adults such as „Food Waste“ or „Animals welcome in the garden“

„Food Waste“ Workshop by Global 2000, 1 hour
„Food Waste“ – food for the dustbin?“ –Did you know that a third of all food on the globe ends up in the dustbin? Or that the Viennese throw away on average food to the value of 300 to 400 € per person and year? At Christmas time especially large amounts of food are bought and a lot is eaten. Sometimes it is too much and some is thrown away. Supermarkets throw valuable food away and farmers cannot sell potatoes that are either too big, too small or uneven in shape. The workshop „Food Waste“ investigates this immense waste of resources in a playful and creative style and we learn some options for action on this subject.
Info: miriam.bahn@global2000.at
Booking: claulie@gmx.at
0676/ 495180

„Animals welcome in the garden“ Workshop, 1 hour
Info and booking:
0676/ 4951280

GLOBAL 2000 will wrap up your presents with careful attention to detail. Your donations for this professional gift wrapping will to go GLOBAL 2000 and the association „Kind-Familie-Umwelt“.


Kind-Familie-UmweltThe association „Kind-Familie-Umwelt“
The association „Kind-Familie-Umwelt“ supports children and teenagers in psychological and physical need by providing financial means for psychotherapy, psychological treatment and advice. This is carried out avoiding bureaucracy, and in emergency cases within the shortest possible time.

On Saturday 10th Dezember at 14:00 there will be a musical programme on stage with the support of Alb Bora, who was born in European Istanbul, grew up in Anatolian Ankara and in oriental Bagdad, and finally found his musical home in Vienna. With songs from fishermen, round dances, lullabies or love songs, Alb Bora is well appreciated all over the world. Often his music becomes groovy, when shepherd’s melodies are combined with dance music and party sounds.

At the same time you can have your presents and little gifts beautifully packed at divina art’s Gift Wrapping Booth – please make a donation for this. All donations are used without deduction directly for therapy sessions with children.

At the Arts and Crafts Market you will find information about our association’s many activities and ways in which you can donate.

Further information at www.kind-familie-umwelt.at

divina artCraftspeople for craftspeople
Most craftspeople are one man, one woman companies, who live solely from their own creativity. A lengthy period of illness or need of care may threaten their livelihoods. Divina art supports those members who are in difficulty through no fault of their own.

Vienna's Red CrossVienna’s Red Cross backs the Art Market at Karlsplatz
The Art Market at Karlsplatz and Vienna’s Red Cross have been working together as a team for years now. Vienna’s Red Cross is a reliable partner when it comes to providing ambulance service when there are lots of visitors at weekends at Karlsplatz. „We are happy to not just look after the safety of the guests, but also to have our own booth and be part of the market family“, says Johannes Friedl, director of the ambulance services of Vienna’s Red Cross. „Members of our Red Cross family have created craft work in a joint project to be sold in our booth. The young and the old, those born in Vienna and those who have just arrived, these people have worked together under the motto: „for the love of mankind“.

www.wrk.at | www.facebook.com/wienerroteskreuz

Licht ins DunkelThe „Ö1 Wishing Booth“ in aid of „Licht ins Dunkel“ –
Wishes and Punch for a good cause.

This year for the first time the radio station for information and culture Ö1 will be present at the Christmas Market at Karlsplatz for the whole of the advent period with their „Ö1 Wishing Booth“ (near the Underground Station at Karlsplatz).

Their motto is „A wish helps“ meaning that visitors can donate to „Licht ins Dunkel“ and request a piece of music to be played by Ö1. Furthermore for a donation they can buy books from the Ö1 editorial staff and on certain days they can get to know well-known staff members at Ö1 wishing booth.

Naturally food and drinks will be provided. The net proceeds from these sales will also go to „Licht ins Dunkel“


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